Who are we?

Established over 30 years ago by David Lancaster, The Presentation Techniques Company is a provider of high impact presentation masterclass and behavioural change solutions.

Presentation masterclass! Anyone can create and deliver a presentation. Yet so many of us struggle to engage and motivate, to create impact and to have clear, easy to understand messages.

For those that can, the business gains are immense, so the effective presentation of good ideas is absolutely essential in the current unforgiving commercial environment.

The Presentation Techniques Company transform boring, content-driven, unconvincing presenters into people who speak with clarity, conviction and impact.

Our background is unique. We are former Royal Navy and Royal Hong Kong Police senior training officers. Our role was to provide an "in-house" consultancy service to the middle and senior ranking RN/MOD/Police personnel who regularly gave presentations to:

  • The Prime Minister
  • Members of Cabinet
  • Government and Civil Service Committees
  • National and International Conferences
  • Television and Radio Briefings

The task involved message design, script writing, personal coaching and general advice. These presentations and briefings had to be highly professional, persuasive and, above all, sell ideas and concepts to a very critical audience.

This company is now a global business with over 50 Blue Chip clients including: GE, Glaxo, BP, Coca Cola, Rolls Royce, BBC and Microsoft. We also work with prominent politicians, music and sports personalities.

In addition, we operate extensively in the Financial Services sector. Clients include, Rothschild, PwC, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and APAX.

The team very much occupy the higher end of the market for business communication and presentation coaching, designing and delivering bespoke training sessions and courses for individuals or groups. They cover presentation in its widest sense; daily interaction between individuals or speaking at meetings, through to full-blown staged performances to large audiences.

Their techniques are well researched, flexible, very powerful, and, literally, "battle tested"!